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加油打氣 的英文怎麼說?

加油打氣 的英文怎麼說
1. In the baseball game, the players and the coach are cheering the batter on, supporting the batter.
2. I was watching a soccer game with a friend and the team he was rooting for was down by a point...
3. A: I gotta leave now. I'll leave the rest of the work to you. Please work hard.
  B: Got it. Goodbye.
4. You words really cheered me up. Thank you.
5. A: I'll be playing in the basketball game tomorrow.
  B: Great! I'll be there to cheer you on.
6. I always cheer on the team that is losing at the moment because I enjoy watching a losing team turn around the game and win.
7. I root for Team Blue because they always work hard.
8. A: I'll be performing tonight.
  B: Good luck with the performance. or Break a leg.
9. A: I am still working on this gigantic report.
  B: Hang in there. You are doing great!
10. A: I got an A on my math test.
  B: Keep it up!
11. Wow, the robot model you are building looks great. Keep up the good work!
12. The fans are rooting for their teams.
13. The spectators are cheering on the runners in the marathon.
14. My mother was sitting next to me, supporting me as I was working on my paper.
15. Son: I am preparing for tomorrow's big exam.
  Father: Hang in there. You can do it!
16. A: My girlfriend is treating me badly.
  B: All relationships go through rough times. Hang in there and things will work out!
17. Go Jeremy! We are rooting for you!
18. A: I like her. I want to ask her out.
  B: Go for it!
19. The math homework is easy. Don't worry. You can do it!
20. I heard you failed your test. Keep your chin up. Work harder next time.
21. Good luck! I hope you will ace the math exam.
22. A sports coach may give their team a pep talk and encourage them to "go get them," which means "do your best in winning the game."
23. A sales manager may encourage their staff to "go get them," meaning to work hard and make a lot of sales.
24. The chef has had a rough couple of days and the written compliments from his customers really help lift his spirits.
[1] Please work hard.
[2] lift one's spirits
  cheer one up
[3] Keep it up.
[4] Keep up the good work!
[5] root for somebody; cheer somebody on
[6] Good luck.
[7] Hang in there.
[8] Don't give up.
  You can do it.
  You are almost there.
  You are almost done.
  Do your best.
[9] Go for it!
[10] pep talk
[11] Don't worry.
  No sweat.
[12] I am on your side.
  I am with you.
[13] I have your back.
[14] Keep your chin up.
[15] cheer on (a team)
  root for (a team)
[16] Go get them.
You can do it! = 加油!你能做到的!
lift his spirits = cheer him up = 給他加油打氣,讓他心情變好或豁然開朗
cheer on 跟 root for 都指替某人或某隊伍加油,通常會用歡呼的聲音來加油。也可以指替某團體或隊伍加油打氣的意思,通常是在公眾場合做這件事情,例如在球場上球迷為自己喜歡的隊伍加油,如:
The players and the coach are cheering the batter on, supporting the batter.
We are cheering for you = 我們為你歡呼,幫你加油!
我支持你 = I am rooting for you.
對一個人說「加油!」的最好的翻譯之一就是 Keep it up. 或 Keep up the good work. 或 Hang in there.。都有勉勵人的意思,但得依照各種情況翻譯,例如孩子在寫功課,父親可以鼓勵他說 Hang in there. You are almost done.,但有時候卻不會這麼說,例如有人跟你說「我今晚會公開演出」,你不能說 Keep it up.,而會說 Good luck. 或 Break a leg.,所以得依情況翻譯。
Good luck 雖表面上的意思為 "祝你幸運",實際上也就表示我為你加油。
Hang in there = 撐著點,用在對方已經在做某件事情,並持續當中
當孩子考試成績很好,你可以說 keep it up 或 keep up the good work 表示對孩子的鼓勵跟打氣。
Cheer up! 是安慰難過的人所用的英文
鼓勵人做某事 = Go for it!
pep talk 指打氣的話。
「加油打氣」也可用白話翻譯,例如鼓勵人別放棄就可說 Don't give up.
Don't worry = No sweat = 別擔心,加油!
I have faith in you = 我對你有信心,加油!
I am on your side = I am with you = 我支持你或我挺你
I have your back = 我支持你或願意在別人面前捍衛你
Keep your chin up = 別灰心或別氣餒,加油!
Go get them = Go get 'em = 鼓勵對方的話,有加油的感覺
1. 這些粉絲們替自己的隊伍加油.
2. 大家為所有的馬拉松選手加油.
3. 當我在建造工業模型時, 她坐在我的身旁, 默默的替我加油打氣.
4. 兒子: 我正在準備明天的大考試.
  父親: 加油!
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